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TiStarWars – Fetching Data from an API in Appcelerator Titanium

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Accessing and displaying data from an API is pretty much the very first thing that we as mobile app developers need to do. It can be challenging at first to figure out how to handle the HTTPClient, callbacks, and data binding, but once you do it a few times it becomes pretty straightforward.

I have put together this example app to show how we can easily fetch data from a remote API and display it in our app.

Check it out, and May the 4th Be With You!

Introducing TiStarWars

The TiStarWars app uses the handy Star Wars API for our example data. We then use our custom promise-based Alloy library to fetch the data and display it in our app.TiStarWarsNexus-main

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If you want to know more on how the app works with alloy libraries and JavaScript Promises, check out the following: