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5 Years in Mexico

Today marks five years since I flew out of Tulsa to move to Mexico and continue life with Gretchen.  Man, what an experience! When we first started discussing moving to Mexico, we didn’t have a set timeframe for either moving back or on to the next place.  I suppose I thought it would be 2 years, maybe 3, before we would be ready. As each year has passed, we occasionally ask each other ‘everything good?’ and the response has always been ‘yeah!’.

Each year has brought new experiences and sometimes new challenges.  For a while in ’09, I had to move back briefly to take care of selling my house.  After getting that resolved, we continued life in Mexico City.  When an opportunity came to relocate to Cancun in 2010, we found that while we had grown very fond of Mexico City, we felt that it was time to experience a different part of the country.  Next came marriage, and a few months ago, a beautiful bouncing baby boy!

I’m a very luckly man to have an intellegent and beautiful wife; a happy, healthy baby; and the opportunity to work on interesting projects! Not to mention, living life on the beach!