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What Does Mexican Sushi Taste Like?

Answer: Same as sushi anywhere else, I suppose.  Just more cream cheese, avocado, and lime juice.

Restaurante Kuru Kuru: Get Your Fill of Sushi in Mexico City, San Angel

One of my first and only experiences with all you can eat sushi in Mexico City is at Kuru Kuru, located in a pretty cool area of Colonia San Angel on Avenida de la Paz, very near the Saturday Art Bazaar. I first went there as a guest of two of my Japanese classmates, both of whom apparently had wooden legs, as they put me to shame at the training table.

Gretchen and I have been back several times since. It’s one of the better sushi restaurants in Mexico City that we’ve come across, and the price is decent at around 210 pesos per person.  The rates have slowly crept up over the past few years, so I guess they are catching on that they have a good deal going.

The restuarant is on the second floor of a mini shopping mall that mostly contains other restaurants, including a crepe place, an Argentinian steakhouse, and a pub.

Restaurante Kuru Kuru
Avenida de la Paz 57
Colonia San Angel
Open for lunch around 1:30 through dinner
~210 pesos for buffet


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