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Titanium Developer Conference June 28th and 29th 2013

Appcelerator recently announced 450 thousand registered developers, which is quite a milestone in a world that celebrates numbers that end in 5 or 0.  Or both!

Joking aside, a larger community is full of good things, like more support for the product, more 3rd party development and more clients asking for Titanium development by name.  That last one is good for me, since that is how I pay the bills.

Larger communities also mean more conferences. Since I have missed the first two official Appcelerator conferences due to scheduling conflicts (Saturdays in the fall === College football, not conferences!), I’ve been looking for other meetups or events to attend either online or in person.  When I got news of a community supported conference taking place this summer in Baltimore, I thought: Why Baltimore? Then I thought: Why not? Let’s go!


  • June 28th, 29th — Baltimore, MA
  • Earlybird tickets: $249 per person until May 19th.

Polanco Media is a sponsor, so I was hooked up with a promo code. Enter: SPONSOR to receive $25 off the ticket price.

If you do plan to attend and want to meet up, feel free ping me or leave a comment.