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First Ever Mexico City Titanium Titans Meetup

Last week my wife and I went back to Mexico City for the first time since we moved last year.  Aside from getting to see the old neighborhood and visit with friends in the area, which was great, I also took the opportunity to connect with some other Appcelerator Titanium users that are based D.F.  What resulted is what I’d call a ‘mini’ Titanium Titans meetup!

Titanium Titans is a user group hosted by Appcelerator, and consists of “experienced contributors to the Titanium Project who are responsible for representing, promoting, and expanding Titanium and its ideals to the larger mobile community and the public at large.”  I joined the Titans program shortly after traveling to Appcelerator HQ to take Titanium Certification training.  I also felt it would be good to contribute to the platform in any way I can since I am a pretty much full time Appcelerator Titanium developer for my company these days.  On the Titans member list, I noticed that another member, Mauro Parra, had also recently joined and was based in D.F., so I got and contact and we set up a time to get together while I was in town to talk Titanium and mobile app development.


One of Mauro’s co-workers, Radamantis Torres, is also a Titan, so we all three got together near their office in Del Valle for lunch and to talk Titanium.  And, as it turns out, in addition to joining Titans at the same time, Mauro, Radamantis and I also took Titanium training and got certified right about the same time as well!  Mauro and Radamantis traveled to Guadalajara for training the week after I went to Mountain View.  Also, their instructor, Pedro Enrique, sat in on my advanced class, where we spent a bit of time talking about his upcoming trip to GDL, and various local beverages he would be sampling.  So, quite the small world for Titanium Titans.

Mauro and Radamantis are up to some pretty cool stuff, including doing all the work behind Mobile Camp Mexico, a free mobile dev training bootcamp that to be held in D.F. in a few weeks.  If that wasn’t enough, Mauro is also co-founder of the Open Enchilada Project podcast.  Be sure to check those out.

It was great getting to know Mauro and Radamantis, and I look forward to working with them in the future.  Who knows, there was even some talk of mobile / Titanium conference here in Cancun (you listening, Appcelerator? Beach, golf, Titanium dev?  Sounds pretty nice!).  Since my trip to D.F. came up with pretty short notice, we didn’t have time to schedule a proper meetup for all devs in the area.  Hopefully, we will be back to visit soon, and it would be fun to set up something larger.  In the meantime, all devs in Mexico City should check out Mauro’s Titanium presentation at the upcoming Mobile Camp conference in Santa Fe.

See more pics from the meetup here.