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Comfort y música para volar… to Buenos Aires

Hard to believe it has been almost a year and a half since Gretchen and I visited Buenos Aires. We toured the city and surrounding countryside near the tail-end of February, 2008, which coincided with the last weeks of summer in this country (way) south of the equator.

It was my first trip to a country not in North America, being as we were in the Southern Hemisphere, there were a few things I wanted to verify. The toilets do indeed flush in the opposite direction. It was a bit odd, though, because with just about all the toilets I tested (several), the manufacturers were definitely northern-hemispherian, and had designed their tazas del baño to flush in northern-hemispherian fashion.  Nevertheless, the poles, or gravity or magic or whatever immediately corrected this oversight at each flush.

Items of note:

  • I became a fan of Argentinian steak preparation while visiting some of the several Argentinian steak houses in Mexico, and the trip only solidified my belief that theirs is the only way to go. Also the red wine. Very good.
  • I feel very fortunate not to have to try to learn Spanish in Argentina. Porteños and Argentinos in general, have very ‘unique’ accent.
  • I am still a fan of the steak.

Re: Blog Post title

I didn’t hear of Soda Stereo until almost a year after returning from the trip. As it happened, we were in another Argentinian steakhouse in Mexico City where they were playing a DVD of a live studio performance by the band. It wasn’t until later, when I had asked a few Mexican friends if they were fans of the music, did I discover that the band had been around a long, long time. When asked, my friends were giving me some odd looks, as if I were asking an American if he or she were fans of Duran Duran.  “Yeah, I guess. 20 years ago, sure.”