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Appcelerator Cloud Services Demo App Shipping in your Ti SDK

I just heard about a nice little gem that is definitely useful for getting up to speed with the new Appcelerator Cloud Services API: Inside the module that is shipping with the Ti 2.0.1 SDK is a ‘kitchen sink’ style app covering pretty much everything in the Ti.Cloud API.

If you have updated to the latest Titanium SDK, then it is already on your computer — Mac users, go here:

/Library/Application Support/Titanium/modules/commonjs/

See here for more info on finding the Titanium SDK directory on Mac and other OSes.

Once you get to the directory, just copy the contents of /example into a new project and fire it up.  Be sure to check the box next to ‘Automatically cloud-enable this application’ when going through the wizard for creating a new project in Ti Studio.

Once running, you can go through just about all the functionality for ACS — pretty impressive!  Note that some things, like Push Notifications will require some additional configuration.

Update 4/20: I am told that the author of this handy demo is @dawsontoth.  Thanks Dawson!  HT: @orthlieb